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About Us

Since the  year 2000, speacial occasion organising and planning is made with the best great care at the Bakraç Wedding and Entertainment Organisation in and around the region and the neighbouring provinces with the best experienced team of people and the latest quality of equipment belonging to our company, we are able to offer the most detailed and perfect weddings and entertainment organisations and planning. The Bakraç Wedding and Entertainment Organisation is proud to be well-known for its commitment, care and attention, precision and detailed eye for perfection and as a well run boutique style company it has rightly earned to be called ‘’the wedding architects’’ of the region…

Bakraç Wedding and Entertainment Organisation, are able to offer their Professional services in and around  Fethiye, Marmaris,Bodrum;Göcek;Datça,Kaş,Kuşadası, Antalya and Muğla on national and international platforms ..

With a 1200 square meter of a warehouse within the structure of our company we are able to offer our customers all the advantages of a wide range of products and equipment from Wooden and polycarbonate chairs to sitting groups, lighted bistros, cocktail and dining tables, sound and light systems as well as table decorations with all the advantages.


Our Vision

Our vision is to answer to all dreams and expectasions of each customer for the most perfect special occasions beyond expectations and with the best possible service to make it the most perfect day to remember.